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The winter, the exposed parts and internal parts will be due to temperature, dust, air aging, harmful bacteria will become active with the temperature rise.... , The car from the inside out, need to do a whole body cleaning and cleaning. One year is the spring, the car, the spring comes, the temperature difference, humidity changes, if not timely maintenance, will give the car a year of healthy use of hidden dangers, do not underestimate these invisible hidden diseases. Spring maintenance how to do both in place and affordable, the reporter gave you Weapon. Clean the air into the spring, most of the owners will be on the car interior cleaning and maintenance, cleaning the interior, the car immediately a new look, but do not think that even if you're done. Because the seemingly clean car, in fact, also hidden many invisible bacteria, mites, from time to time emitting a pungent odor, so the need for air cleaning the car. Spring car dust and food residues easy to breed bacteria and mites, while spring is the respiratory disease prone to the period, the car space is small, the most likely to communicate between the infected bacteria cheap nike dunk shoes. Therefore, it is very important to kill harmful bacteria in the car. Generally speaking, there are two ways of steam sterilization and photocatalyst. Steam sterilization is the steam engine jet mouth at the ceiling, seat, floor cashmere, air conditioning outlet, dashboard, trunk, the use of steam engine jet up to 130 ℃ steam to kill the car harmful bacteria, and remove the air The smell. At present, the price of steam sterilization in Chongqing beauty market is generally around 200 yuan. The beauty of the rain in the rain, the acidic components of the rain on the car's paint has a strong corrosive effect, over time will damage the car's paint, so more rain in the spring, in the season maintenance, It is best to give the car a paint beauty. The simplest is waxing, more long-term more effective is to seal glaze beauty. No matter what method, give the car to wear an invisible protective coat, to prevent the paint fade aging, so that the beautiful car often accompanied by the left and right. Waxing is the way through the grinding of the paint will be fine scratches to achieve the bright way to paint the beauty cheap nike shoes online. Currently there are two kinds of car wax on the market: solid wax and liquid wax cheap nike air max 2017, the general solid wax is grinding wax, and liquid wax is also called brightener or bright glaze, just evenly applied to the paint can be. The beauty of this method has the advantage of simple operation, the general owners themselves can DIY, to the car beauty shop waxing price between 50-100 yuan. But the poor durability of waxing, generally about a month or so to play a wax. Sealing glaze is through the polymer coating of automotive paint to improve the paint surface of the anti-wear ability, to achieve lasting effect of light. The advantage is the paint protection, will not damage the car paint, but can get the effect of bright wear, acid and alkali ability to be improved. But the durability of general, 4-6 months after the polymerization layer began to collapse, then need to do it again. Seat Beauty Care Car Seat As the most frequently used interior of the car, the seat leather, cloth sets are particularly easy to change the old, to keep the seat clean, there are two solutions. First, whether it is leather seats or fabric fabric seats have put it on the fabric of the seat cover, you can always adjust the pattern to adapt to the season and personal preferences cheap air jordan mens, but can immediately replace, clean. At present, the market price of cloth in Hangzhou market mostly between 600 yuan, car beauty shop cleaning a cloth seat sets of the price of 60 yuan. Second, the owner can not put their own leather seats wrapped with cloth cover, then you need to use a special leather cleaning agent regularly cleaned. Every time you clean, the most need to carefully deal with the leather joints, and then, every six months on the seat leather for a light curing, you can prevent the skin fouling, aging, cracking and other phenomena. It is understood that the general cleaning and maintenance of leather seats for the price of 120 yuan. Two filter real-time dust into the spring, to the car important parts to be a clean dust is very important work. If the car parts are dirty, will lead to deterioration of the filter effect, too much impurities into the oil cylinder, exacerbate the wear and tear, increase the possibility of failure; if serious congestion, but also lead to the vehicle can not work properly. Therefore, the season for such 'fear of dirty' accessories must be timely cleaning and maintenance. One of the most important to the number of air filters and air conditioning filter. In the use of cars, the general ambient air quality is better, according to the maintenance cycle of regular replacement of the air filter on it cheap nike free shoes. But the ambient air quality is poor, you should pay attention to the air filter clean, if the air filter is dirty, will enter the cylinder to reduce the amount of air, resulting in reduced power performance of the car, the speed can not get up. In addition, the quality of the air filter should be reliable, if the filter is not clear, fine dust into the cylinder, will make the piston and cylinder wear between the increase, thereby reducing the overall life of the engine. Air conditioning filter in the course of the use of regular cleaning or replacement, or plug the filter will prevent and reduce the air into the evaporation box, air conditioning, although open very big, but still feel not cool, and some vehicles are also accompanied by Smell.

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