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Shenyang Evening News at the crossroads of the morning occurred with traffic accidents: a riding a stroll of the uncle was a taxi knocked down. However, unexpectedly, was knocked uncle said nothing to 120 emergency ambulance to the hospital air max one flyknit, his mouth kept saying 'I'm fine.' At the same time, the driver, the owner and the passers-by is hard to persuade not to give up. September 7, so the scene is the transmission of energy is a small video in the WeChat circle of friends circulated, triggering the majority of friends hot. Shenyang Evening News, Shen reported that media interviews were made. Refused to send the doctor called 'no mistake' This WeChat marked the following general situation: August 30 at 5 o'clock in the morning, in Shenyang City Youth Street, Wencui Road crossroads, a 60-year-old cycling man and a When the police came to deal with the scene, there was a very warm scene: the man said why refused to 120 cars, but also refused to go to the hospital to check, insisted that he did nothing wrong people air max flyknit shoes. From the video point of view, the name of the man hit the face of blood, but walking freely, articulate articulate clear, logical. The man was wearing a black and gray sunscreen, black trousers, riding a blue vintage bike. In the face of the crowd to persuade him, he kept waving and said: 'I have nothing to do nike air max 2017, do not go to the hospital, and waste that money Gansha?' Driving hit the brother scared the reporter through the multi-visit to understand the accident The time of the incident, a blue taxi from south to north along the Youth Street, when driving to the intersection of Wen Tu Road, the cycling man suddenly shouted out. 'At that time just dawn, the original line of sight is not very good, coupled with the speed slightly faster, at the junction I saw the old ride, and wanted to avoid but not enough time.' The brother of the anxious to say that although the accident and Riding the old man ignored a certain relationship cheap nike shoes, but as a motor vehicle driver, he himself should bear the greater responsibility. If the elderly need injury treatment, his vehicle insurance procedures complete. In the past, I heard that the accident was the opportunity to be blackmail the news, see each other so much age, was very nervous mood, but also called the owner to find the. The old man said Han do not go to the hospital in the next scene to deal with, unexpected scene appeared: Although the police, the brother, the owner repeatedly advised the old ride to the hospital first check to confirm their own body no problem The loss of the bike, but the rider to the old man said he was okay, say what refused to 120 ambulance. 'Although my face was rubbing broken skin flow of blood, but the rest of my body did not hurt, no need to go to the hospital.' At the same time, the elderly said the bike on the car basket fell, simply repair on the line, the other Money does not matter, he will not be wrong people, as long as the lessons learned by the next train to pay attention to safety like. Everyone to persuade half an hour to succeed in the conversation, we learned that some of the elderly riding the situation: his family lived in the vicinity of the incident, he is a university retired workers. These days, his wife to the string of relatives mens nike free shoes, he was nothing to ride out Liuwan. 'In the end you are hit me?' He repeatedly asked the brother of this sentence, a look of loss. After the addition of a sentence: 'I do not have anything to go to the hospital, say, my medical did not bring in the body, do not want to trouble you take the money and take the time!' In the face of stubborn he, the brother of the accident, the owner has been Did not give up persuasion: 'We do not worry! You now looked at nothing big event, if the internal organs were hurt, adversely affected the timing of the consequences could not imagine ah?' Side, crowd also intervened to persuade: 'Yes ah, Home to you a person, if there is any problem back, when the late! 'More than 30 minutes after persuasion, riding the old talent barely nodded agree. A good brother took him to the hospital. Unfortunately, the reporter, although the multi-inquire did not find the hit was uncle, after the results of medical treatment is not known. (The original title: 'Shenyang: riding uncle in the youth street near the intersection of the warmth after the scene')

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