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'Unification' involved in the black heart oil event 17 instant noodles products in the gun (Reporter Hu Xiaohong intern reporter Jia Ting) Taiwan's top new black heart oil events intensified, after the poor pork and then find the problem of butter retro jordan shoes cheap, and this time Master Kong old rival unified enterprise also shot cheap nike air max shoes. Reporters yesterday from the unified enterprise Chinese company learned that Taiwan's unified 19 products using the top of the new problem of butter and take a preventive shelves. Despite the reunification of the mainland market is not involved, but its day cat flagship store is still problematic product sales. 19 products related to black heart oil Taiwan unified statement, unified business on October 23 received a subsidiary of refined butter suppliers, 'Regal Co., Ltd.' notice, in June this year, a group of 5.57 tons of refined oil, supply from 'Top New Oil Industry Co., Ltd.', the issue of oil related to Taiwan unified 19 products. For this issue of butter, the unified enterprise that is to the system to buy, and the system is through the Taiwan Mitsubishi Corporation from the top of the new oil on behalf of the set, the source of these problems is still the black heart of the oil oil company - Vietnam Big happy oil company. According to the Taiwan Food and Fertilizer Agency introduced, these 19 products are almost always eat the people, including the same side of the onion burnt beef flavor air jordan shoes cheap, Manchu meal onion roast beef, Manchu big brittle beef, to a roast beef Beef and fine stewed sausage flavor cup, A Q bucket red pepper beef flavor barrels, there are 7-11 spicy Kanto cook and so on. Unification of enterprises that the company has implemented preventive shelves, and start the return mechanism. Day cat flagship store is still selling unified Chinese company also sent a statement to reporters yesterday, Taiwan unified preventive shelves of the products are not sold in the mainland, while the mainland has never imported Taiwan as a product of raw materials. According to Taiwan's unified statement, 19 products in 17 for instant noodles products. Reporters yesterday in Taobao, No. 1 shop, Jingdong Mall and other electric business channel found, marked 'Taiwan direct' 'origin: Taiwan, China,' the unified instant noodles for sale, including Man Han meal, Ah Q barrels and so on. However, these products marked the production date is very different. Reporters in the days of cat unified corporate flagship store found that the mall has been out of the Taiwan side of the preventive shelves statement nike air max 2017, and made four products out of the next frame. But the reporter found that the mall is still selling Manchu big brittle beef noodles 187g, the product effective date from July 1, 2014 to January 1, 2015, it is 17 need to take off one of the products, but why Still continue to sell, business did not explain. No matter how many statements have nothing to do with the Taiwan black heart oil incident, Master Kong is still with the Taiwan taste all cut off the brand authorized relationship. 'The company has ceased to authorize the brand of the company 's trademark of the company, and the company is no longer allowed to produce and sell instant noodle products in Taiwan with the' Master Kong 'brand.' The company' s announcement of the company 's ' Previously, Master Kong in Taiwan's instant noodles business all by the Taiwan flavor full operation. Now, Master Kong holding the parent company of the new group of black heart oil events continue to ferment, although Master Kong repeatedly stressed that with the top of the new oil, taste the whole food and justice shares are not directly related to the Master's products in the mainland does not involve Taiwan oil accident, But the new business in the mainland is still experiencing an unprecedented crisis. There are industry news that the new top in order to keep the mainland's main business, has always said that the family will never leave the new group Wei family four brothers, this had to face the abandonment of the security of the cut cheap jordans shoes.

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