Daily life, 'fake leather' is a headache....


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Daily life, 'fake leather' is a headache....

Daily life, 'fake leather' is a headache, and the owner, the car 'fake leather' chair, the same is so very depressed owners retro jordan shoes cheap. Reporters visited several car beauty shop, a few experts introduced a few new ways to identify true and false cortex. Look at the back of the fake focus on the surface of the skin. So, we first copied to the back to identify true and false. Leather behind there will be a natural short fiber, with the nail scraping will not fall. Fake leather back is generally smooth cloth pattern, without hair fibers. There is a superfiber, the back will have fiber, but also fake skin. Discrimination method to use the following one. We must believe in our natural weapons - our nose cheap nike air max shoes. Leather has a natural taste of the shares, the taste from the fur itself, absolutely hard to remove. Some people like this taste, be regarded as a natural and animal close to it Fake skin because it is chemical synthesis, under the smell, there will be chemical class of plastic taste, people exclusion. The lines on the surface of the leather surface are processed day after day. No matter what pattern, one thing, the overall plane to see the lines of the stretch will be intermittent, not a very regular pattern. Fake the plane of the skin is very regular, do the lines, hair point monotonous. Car leather industry in some small shop shop often take 'foil skin' just enough. It is behind the skin of the fiber, but also the taste of the skin, the lines are difficult to distinguish. Then use another way to deal with air jordan shoes cheap, find a fringe with the nail to pull the surface of the spray layer, the skin will be like a solidification of the same glue was set off, because it is made of crushed leather powder made of leather nike air max 2017, coating and its The adhesion is not enough. Pull the side of the force, the skin is also very easy to crack. Tips to choose the dermis to talk about 'the door on the' value of the match as the house, economic housing no need to paste the silver, non-valuable materials do not have cheap jordans shoes. The car is also, the leather chair will undoubtedly be better, but no need. 15 million or so the car can choose domestic cattle can be, 2000 to 3000 yuan, affordable. In the high-end cars to use imported leather goods, not blindly cheap, because your car's temperament and the use of time require high quality. Color matching according to the color of the interior selection of the same color leather, to ensure that 90% will not be a problem. The same color makes the space feel larger, the visual is also comfortable. But if you are the owner of the personality, the right to decide in your hands.

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