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wangpeng Mar 13

focus on the following three aspects to further expand and strengthen the flooring industry : First, to expand the scale of the industry, consolidate the basic economics of the cluster rules and proven that the effective expansion of the industrial scale is to resist market risk and win market competition, an important way to access the status of the industry, we will follow the ' Five-Year Plan 'and' Horizontal Laminate Flooring Industry Cluster Development Plan 'requirements, and further improve the existing industrial policy,best composite fencing product effective use of

land, taxation, finance, infrastructure construction, government coordination services and other regulatory tools to speed up the allocation of limited resources To the flooring industry tilt, to Dry enterprises tilt. We will also focus on nurturing industry associations and intermediaries, improve service levels, achieve industry self-regulation and promote industrial upgrading, and strive to create a favorable industrial environment. We will strive to achieve a breakthrough in the scale of cluster sales of 15 billion yuan by 2012 and

more than 1 billion U.S. dollars of foreign trade exports . Second, to enhance the industrial level, to build cluster advantages In order to better meet the consumer demand updates and adapt to changes in market competition, we will focus on the following five aspects to improve the industry level and build cluster advantages: First, 48 by 78 lauan slabto encourage internal and external resources for industry Effective integration to achieve the optimal allocation of resources; can interlocking deck tile be placed directly on the groundthe second is to further strengthen the coordination mechanism within the division