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wangpeng Apr 16

of the product sales area, customs,exterior tongue and groove decking suppliers mass etc. Grasping the core consumer groups and gaining insight into the psychological needs of consumers, solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring, and bamboo flooring will all be marketable. The brand penetration is generally insufficient.[url=]ceiling access panel distributors wanted[/url] It is the enterprise's desire to be a brand of 100 years and a hundred years old. The brand can drive sales and sales can enhance the brand

influence. In a virtuous circle,wood wood panels in high rise construction the company continues to develop and grow. At present, there are not many large floor brands in China, and many brands are regional brands. The industry is still immature. In this case, small and medium-sized floor companies concentrate their strengths to create high-end brands in the region. In some regions, some floors can occupy 90% or more of the local floor market,[url=]horizontal deck railing designs san diego[/url] but their share of the floor market in

the country is very low.floor decoration material for home While stabilizing the regional market share, it should actively expand and infiltrate into other regions. The nationwide floor brand, as far as possible to expand the market share, squeezed the floor of small factories, small workshops production and "cottage" floor share, through the capture of the market, continue to reshuffle the flooring industry, so that the flooring industry gradually mature.[url=]timeless designs laminate floor wooden grain design[/url] In addition to maintaining a