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wangpeng Apr 16

Among the four inspection brands, the colorful life was judged not to meet the requirements of the national standard, which violates the provisions of the new national standard: children's furniture products can not have dangerous sharp edges and dangerous sharp tips, edges and edges should be rounded or chamfered ,

And the rounding radius is not less than 10mm, or the inverted arc length is not less than 15mm. The new national standard has made corresponding mandatory technical requirements for the edge and tip of children's furniture, holes, and gaps in response to the characteristics of children's active movement.

One of the main authors of the new national standard, Zhang Shuyan, director of the Furniture Inspection Center of the Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection, interpreted at a furniture workshop in Guangdong Province. This is not the first time that children's furniture has been exposed on the edge and the tip is not safe.

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